Lash extensions melbourne

The make-up industry is a billion-dollar industry and men and women are adding to its bottom-line as we apply our makeup daily. Wearing makeup is a part of our daily ritual everywhere around the world. Makeup helps us feel good about ourselves, it is a form of personal creativity and expression, it helps in covering up blemishes or blotchiness, plus it makes us feel confident.

Here are a few makeup top rules to further enhance how makeup keeps our appearance looking good:

Rule 1: Remember to keep it simple! Applying a touch of powder, lippy, etc., is just enough to keep you looking fresh and not overdone. You want to look like you are not wearing makeup, yet your makeup application is so smartly applied that it enhances your features, leaving people guessing if you went on vacation or to a spa retreat.

Rule 2: Your makeup should closely match your skin tone. People come in all shades and colors making us all beautiful. However, choosing the right foundation for our complexion can be tricky. One rule is to look at the skin color on the underside of your wrist to match with your makeup. Another rule is to test a foundation in a natural lighting environment which means to test it on your skin and wait a few minutes. This allows the makeup to be affected by the body’s heat as it also mixes with the oil in our skin, producing the fair dinkum blended color. The best makeup is the one that seems to blend into your skin tone and does not show lines in the skin, including the neck.

Rule 3: The ‘eyes have it.’ Whether you are going to plump up your eyes with mascara or you’ve decided to wear lash extensions, there are good cosmetic rules to follow. When applying mascara start at the roots, swipe the mascara wand up and through the lashes to help separates the lashes. Wait a couple of seconds, then close your eyes and apply mascara on top of the lashes starting at the base and lightly brushing through the lash to release clumps.

For lash extensions melbourne please do not apply mascara. However, a cosmetic tip is to use an eyelash spoolie everyday to keep them straight and free from sticking together. Wearing separate eye lash extensions or a full set, follow directions carefully. To encourage you in their application, your first couple of times working with extensions may be a hot mess, but do not give up, the more you apply them, the faster and better you will become at their application.

Rule 4: Eyebrows and lips are nature’s way of shaping our face. Choose an eyebrow color that matches your hair and the shape of your face. Eyebrows require maintenance like plucking those stray hairs from the roots, brushing them, then filling them in. For full lips, go glossy. Outline your lips first with a deeper lip shade than your lippy. Then apply your glossy lippy shade. Glossy lippy colors are great for all aged women and it moisturizes the skin on your lips

With just a few makeup top rules you are ready for work or play. Plus, after you master your makeup rules, you will cut your time in half in applying your best self.