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New for 2012, eInstruction has brought the ultimate formative instruction system with the Insight 360 line of products. Insight 360 combines intuitive software and mobile devices to streamline instruction, assessment, and content.
Speaking of content, how about adding five million publisher-created assessment questions that are already aligned to your state’s standards? With ExamView, that’s exactly what you get. You may be familiar with ExamView from your textbooks, but now it comes in Spanish, and has Bloom’s & Webb’s and Standards alignment built-in!
Look no further than right here when it comes to outfitting your classroom, school, or district with the very best, most cutting-edge technology. If you’re looking for a certain product, you can click on our eInstruction catalog page for a closer look at all we have to offer. For detailed pricing, simply contact the Interactive Educational Technologies at 1-877-254-2531 for your personalized quote and information

eInstruction® TouchBoard Interactive Whiteboard




eInstruction® combines content, instruction, and assessment into one seamless process. At Interactive Educational Technologies, we are proud to be your local source for the full range of eInstruction products. eInstruction is the industry leader in whiteboard technology, and the pioneers of student response systems. Not only did eInstruction invent the “clicker” concept that’s swept the industry, but they’re also changing the way students engage and ultimately learn with the best products backed by years of research and study.