eInstruction and Evan-Moor

Providing the best tools and content to improve student achievement!

Interactive Educational Technologies offers instructional products that are proven to increase student achievement. Our goal is to provide educators the best tools for delivering interactive lessons and presentations for their students. We partner with eInstruction and Evan-Moor as Educational Consultants to provide eInstruction products and services. Additionally, we offer professional development seminars and workshops to assist teachers in using high probablility instructional strategies and technology to increase student leaning. 
eInstruction® combines content, instruction, and assessment into one seamless process. Simultaneously, students work together and learn from each other, teachers assess and instantly re-teach as needed, and everyone is free to interact for a higher level of collaborative learning. Now, with the new Insight 360 line of products, eInstruction’s created the ultimate formative instruction system, easy enough to have up & running in under 30 minutes!